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When it comes to phone service, you could say customers aren't completely satisfied. On any given day, you can walk any semi-busy street and hear people complaining about sneaky companies charging hidden fees, unruly rates, frequent dropped calls.and the list goes on. Just turn on the TV and you won't be able to avoid some phone company spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend their service. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just fix the problems and eliminate the need to defend their offerings? If you've dealt with choosing a phone plan lately, you know that it is almost impossible to, truly, uncover all of the fees and service charges you'll be paying on a monthly basis. Beyond that you'll have even more trouble trying to figure out how to avoid paying for going over your minutes, but don't worry because cheap local phone service is on its way.

So for those of us who aren't ready to compromise by giving up communication with the world, what options are left? Believe it or not, there is a very practical option, but it is so often overlooked by consumers who don't know where to look for answers. That is prepaid local phone service. With prepaid service, you eliminate the fear of "overage charges," by paying before you even make a call. All prepaid local phone services offer this benefit, but there is one that offers this and several other great perks. With prepaid phone service from CallDirek, you not only get the security of prepaid service, but you can also forget about the hassles of carrying around inconvenient phone cards, which have a tendency of getting lost just when you need them most. CallDirek offers hassle-free pinless prepaid phone service. In addition, you can set up an account online which is then activated within minutes, so you could be on your way to cheap local phone service in the time it takes to read this article. Beyond that, you can easily take advantage of the "pay as you go" model by managing your account and recharging your minutes all online. You'll also have access to rates that are cheaper than AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many other phone services. Your phone bill will no longer leave you with the weight of the world on your shoulders and you can get on to dealing with the more important things in your life.

Another product by CallDirek that provides cheap local phone service is their PC Webphone, which is a program that allows your PC or notebook to instantly act as a phone. There are several plans available for this service, so you can pick what best suits your calling needs.

No matter what service you chose, you are guaranteed low rates and no monthly plans or hidden fees. Beyond that, if you ever have questions or concerns, CallDirek boasts the title of number one customer service of all other prepaid phone services. Good luck finding that with a major phone carrier, they're too busy creating commercials.

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