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Voice over Internet Protocol was the wave of the future for some time. It's no longer the wave of the future because it has arrived. It's here and it's one of the fastest growing communications methods around.

VoIP calling is its own telecommunications revolution. This revolution is bringing drastic changes-in a good way-to how people communicate and make phone calls to others. The leader in cheap long distance phone service via VoIP is CallDirek. CallDirek is offering cheap, simple and quality long distance VoIP phone service to those who want to keep in touch with their loved ones and also need to save money.

So how do they offer such great phone service at a low cost? Here's a sampling of their simple yet successful formula.

No fuss fixed pricing

Keeping track of all the pricing variables and shifts in a long distance pricing plan can feel like running in a maze. For that reason, CallDirek established fixed pricing for cheap long distance phone service with VoIP. There's no agonizing over what the price will be. For a convenient monthly fee, all of the great features are available with no fuss.

Unlimited calling

Getting a bill at the end of the month and wondering whether or not you went over on your minutes shouldn't take away the joy of keeping in touch with loved ones. For that reason, part of CallDirek's no fuss billing is the option for unlimited VoIP calls to your friends, family, neighbors and anyone you want. More time calling long distance doesn't mean surprises at the end of the month. It means joy in the middle and simplicity at the end.

Flexible plans

CallDirek offers several types of cheap long distance phone service over VoIP. The residential plans range from 500 minutes for $11.99 to CallDirek's specialty of unlimited calling for $22.99 per month. The benefit of those plans is that people who only want to call a little can purchase 500 minutes and not have to worry about going over and paying more. The callers using way more minutes can trust they are getting their money's worth with a super-affordable unlimited calling plan.

For businesses looking to take advantage of VoIP, CallDirek offers a one-size-fits-all option sure to leave room to grow. For the low price of $49.99 per month, businesses can make unlimited VoIP calling.

Signup is a snap

In a matter of minutes, CallDirek's account representatives can set you up with cheap VoIP phone service for all your long distance calling needs. CallDireks' customer service has been rated #1 and continues to deliver a quality that meets or exceeds the quality of CallDirek's award-winning, industry leading VoIP phone service.

More features are coming!

The long list of features is just the start. It's no slogan or gimmick when we say the best is yet to come. We're ready to start a new revolution, all over again.

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