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Long distance calling can be a source of a great amount of stress for a lot of people. Phone service in general has been on the decline with high monthly prices, frequently dropped calls, and hidden fees or service charges. When you add long distance calling in the mix, things really start to get sticky. If you've ever made a long distance call that turned out running over the time you originally planned for it, you know the frustration of getting a bill that breaks your bank. So without cheap long distance phone services, how is the average person supposed to afford to accomplish the task of staying in touch with friends, co-workers, and family who live out of local calling range.

Does this have you contemplating ending all relationships with those out of a 30 mile radius? While no one blames you for thinking that way, you should probably know that there is another option. With prepaid phone service, you can experience the ease of use of a big-name phone carrier, while getting to brag about having the ever-elusive cheap long distance phone service. One service that offers great features is the prepaid long distance service from CallDirek. This company gives you the best benefits of prepaid long distance phone service, such as very low rates, but it also offers plenty of extras as well. Not only does CallDirek boast lower long distance calling rates than AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, they also give their customers great flexibility. You don't need a calling card to use their service, so the days of carrying one around and not having it when you need it are gone. In addition to not needing a card, you also won't need a pin. With pinless calling service, you are left with no hassles when it comes to communicating with the people you need to reach. Accounts can be created, accessed, and managed online. Accounts set up online are activated within minutes, so you could visit the website and be on your way to cheap long distance calling before your favorite sitcom is over. Contrary to other phone services, there is no minimum-to-buy when it comes to minutes. No monthly plans either-it's just a pay as you go model, so you can talk as little or as much as you want.  This makes CallDirek ideal for both individuals trying to keep in touch, and businesses coordinating several team members across multiple time zones. And if you do happen to have an issue with the service, CallDireck was rated number one in customer service out of all other prepaid long distance services, so they will be there to help fix your problems.

Whether you want to keep your current phone service while taking advantage of cheap long distance phone service rates or you want to switch over to prepaid service entirely, CallDirek is a great place to start!

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