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MIAMI, FL, October 30, 2011 – CallDirek®, a leading telecommunications prepaid service provider, has teamed up with CAM money transfer company a leading provider of money transfer to over 15 branches and more than 250 affiliated agencies. They have become a household name, actively promoting and sponsoring cultural events in both Haitian and Dominican communities in the United States. Cam Transfer helps to build key relationships and develop strong partnerships with the communities where they are established, by supporting them and donating time, money and resources to the promotion of the Arts and Sports.

As of October 31, 2011 customers will be able to open and recharge their CallDirek pinless long distance services at any CAM money transfer location within the United States and Canada. This partnership allows CallDirek to reach a vast number of customers spread across both continents. This opportunity represents an increase outreach into the desired diaspora for CallDirek and provides a valued compliment to the CAM services and a wonderful opportunity to expand our business reach while crossing borders.

CallDirek®’s Director of Business Development, Jean-Olivier Buteau, is excited about this new venture, stating that "by partnering with CAM Transfer”. CallDirek is able to further reach its target market through this partnership, CallDirek hopes to enhance existing customer satisfaction and entice potential clients already using the CAM Transfer system to also try CallDirek's breakthrough pin-less services".

Pascal Dierickx from CAM Transfer states, “We are very excited to partner with CallDirek, a leading telecommunication pin-less long distance service provider. CallDirek is well known in the Haitian community and having CAM and CallDirek available at the same locations will greatly benefit our customer’s needs”.

ABOUT CAM Money Transfer:

They first opened offices in New York and Miami were the first Company in Haiti to offer next day home deliveries. They have made it possible for Haitian families in Canada and the US to send food items to their families. Today they are the company that is able to deliver to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, within 2 hours, all transfers received from the US and Canada. Their network of 250 locations and 15 branches allows their customers to reach them easily.

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