International Mobile Recharge

CallDirek® offers an easy way to recharge your family and friends mobile phones abroad. You can send a top up in a matter of seconds to any mobile in the world. It's easy, fast and convenient for you and your love ones to keep in touch. With our Top-Up service clients are able to add funds to their friends and families phones nationally and internationally.

The Top-Up service also known as Airtime and is a prepaid mobile credit that can be purchased online or at any CallDirek® POS locations. There are over 1,000 POS location in the United States and Canada. More than 100 mobile operators to keep you connected to your loves ones. The person you are sending the top up can make calls without having to spend a single dime. Top-ups are a great gift that can be sent to your love ones anywhere in the world.

How to Top-Up:

  1. Create a CallDirek account
  2. Wait for a Customer service representative to contact you and verify all the information is correct.
  3. Enter the telephone number you want to Top Up and the amount of credit required.
  4. Type in your credit card information and then click on pay.
  5. The topup will be sent instantly to the telephone number and receive a SMS message confirming the topup.