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Buying phone cards online has become the way many people get their minutes to make long distance calls. The online rates are affordable, but still don't escape the many pitfalls of phone cards themselves.

Phone cards were developed to help people get phone access anywhere they went. As card companies expanded and crossed countries throughout the world, the services expanded. So did the problems. The numbers and pin codes to make these calls kept piling up, turning a simple phone call into a confusing ordeal. While it became cheaper and easier to get phone cards, the reliability diminished. Some cards only worked with certain types of phones. Some cards didn't work at all, but that wasn't figured out until long after they were purchased. Some cards contained hidden fees or tricks that reduced minutes, such as minutes reducing over time. Phone cards became more of a headache than a help, especially when traveling abroad or calling friends abroad. Not to mention, when running out of credit, the phone card drops a call.

Before discussing how CallDirek's Pinless prepaid long distance changes prepaid calling, let's talk more about the buying phone cards online. There are many avenues. Phone cards can be purchased from a myriad of online vendors including eBay. The variety of vendors reduced rates and created competition. Yet the problems of phone cards couldn't be avoided: namely reliability of cards, knowing if cards purchased online were still valid and getting the promised value out of the card. This becomes even more muddled when all the phone card fees are added in, including surcharges for different specifications. In the end, few, if any phone card users can say how much actual value they got out of their cards. The worst cards barely gave users more than 5 percent of the promised minutes.

With CallDirek's pinless system, buying phone cards online is a thing of the past. With no hidden fees (connection fees, reconnect fees and monthly fees), pinless phone cards do away with a lot of the fuss over phone cards. There is no list of 40 numbers to dial just to get a clear and open connection.

The benefits of phone cards is that they can be used anywhere, which is also possible with CallDirek pinless. Pinless service can be used on home, business and office lines for free, by itself or as a compliment to existing long distance services. For the on-the-go office traveler, this means being able to access your specialized account anywhere in the world or at any branch of your company. These VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) accounts can be set up within a matter of minutes anywhere. The best feature is that these services can be used on a cell phone, saving the exorbitant fees cell phone companies charge, but still offering exceptional, cellular quality long-distance service.

The pinless prepaid long distance also offers lower rates than buying phone cards online. If it looks an obvious choice to switch, then it probably is. Affordable rates, quality service, reliability and the pluses of phone cards without the problems and the phone card itself.

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