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Have you used prepaid phone calling cards for domestic calls? Have you experienced frustrating dropped calls? Static on the other line? Confusing and complex codes? Costly rates for domestic access?

Those are just some of the complaints about traditional prepaid phone calling cards. Those are just some of the complaints experienced during domestic calls. Shouldn't a domestic call be easier? Shouldn't it be as simple as calling your neighbor or walking outside your door to say 'hi'?

Somewhere along the line, prepaid phone calling card communications sacrificed clarity for confusion, complexity and high costs. Then Call Direk arrived. Call Direk offers pinless prepaid long distance. This isn't just a repackaging or renaming of the old product: prepaid phone calling cards. This is a reinvention, a less complex, less costly and more user-friendly take.

Prepaid phone calling cards for domestic calls became confusing when they never should have been. It doesn't have to be that way and here's why you should leave behind prepaid phone calling cards.

  1. No pin means no confusion. Prepaid phone calling cards require long strings of digits just to make a domestic call. Pinless means no numbers; it's all taken care of beforehand.
  2. No scrounging for prepaid phone calling cards. Call Direk provides pinless service for all domestic calls without any search parties.
  3. No shopping around for the lowest rates. Call Direk offers the lowest rates on domestic calls. These are rates that prepaid phone calling cards can't compare to.
  4. No delays to recharge minutes. Calling cards require another card to be recharged. Just hop online, access your account and recharge your pinless minutes in less than the time it takes to punch in a string of numbers on a prepaid phone calling card.
  5. No more dropped calls because of empty minutes. Our automatic recharge refills accounts when they reach a certain threshold.
  6. No more long waits with customer service. Not that you'll ever need customer service, but in case you do, we provide a personal, friendly customer service staff that is rated first. That sure beats the automatic operators from those prepaid phone calling cards.
  7. No hidden fees. Just the most competitive and affordable calling rates. These rates exceed the rates of prepaid phone calling cards and any of the major telecommunications carriers including AT&T and Sprint.
  8. No limits on phone numbers. An unlimited amount of domestic numbers can be added to a single account. These are preferred lines, not the prepaid phone calling cards domestic lines.
  9. No more static. Calling card lines have been plagued by static and a lack of clarity since their invention. At worst, they drop calls. The secure, preferred lines of Call Direk avoid the dropped calls and provide crystal clear calling.
  10. No limits on locations. Calls can be made at home, on the road, through cell phones or any way desired. That means domestic calls have never been easier.

To say "no" to all the fuss and frustration of prepaid phone calling cards for domestic calls, just say "yes" to Call Direk. Say "yes" to pinless prepaid long distance.

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